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Strategic Marketing Messaging Workshop

How it works

Our Strategic Marketing Messaging Workshops form the foundation of your marketing efforts, and everything you say about your company. You’ll have a clear statement of who you are, what you offer, who you serve, and why they should care.

You’ll have clear guidance for your marketing campaigns and tactics, a concise and consistent way to communicate about your offering, and a straight path to more sales and more success.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Step 1: The Brief

Getting to know you

First, we’ll meet and get to know each other a bit. You’ll tell us a bit about who you are, and what you want to accomplish. We’ll then go away and do a bit of digging, into you, into your competition, into your space. We want to get the lay of the land.

In a Meeting
Giving a Presentation

Step 2: The Workshop

Digging deep, diving in

Then, we’ll get together with the right people at your organization to dig much deeper. We’ll look at the research we gathered, talk about your competition and how they look and feel, what they say, who they say it to. And then we’ll dive into your message, one component at a time. You’ll be pushed to justify the statements you make, driven to provide real differentiation from your competition, real value in the market, and you’ll be cajoled to prove those claims with water-tight evidence.

We’ll explore who you are, how you sound, how you feel, how you make them feel, why you do it, how you do it…we’ll get it all out in the open, take a good hard look at it, and keep the best bits.

Step 3: The Presentation

Say, can we show you something?

After the Workshop our team will put our heads down and start crafting your Messaging Platform. We’ll work with our initial research and the insight gathered at the Workshop, shore up our understanding with a bit more research, and create the first draft of the Platform.

Then, we’ll get together with your team again and present the result for review and discussion. We’ll talk a bit about your initial impressions, and we’ll leave it with you for more detailed review and comments.


Step 4: The Deliverables

All the words, in the right order

We will receive and incorporate your review comments, and prepare the second draft of your Messaging Platform. At the same time, we will prepare your draft Marketing Boilerplates. The Boilerplates distill your Messaging Platform down to a comprehensive narrative, in varying lengths: typically, 6 versions of approximately 500, 350, 250, 150, 75, and 50-word versions.

Step 5: The Sign-off

And now the fun begins...

After your review of the second draft Messaging Platform and draft Marketing Boilerplates, we will receive and incorporate your review comments, and prepare and deliver the final versions of both pieces.

And then it's time to put your new words into action, and go to market!


Valued Clients

Some of the clients we've helped to get the message


Dun & Bradstreet


Ottawa Hospital


Hitachi Data Systems




ProSlide Technology Inc


HUSS Park Attractions






BVent Production




Speech-Language & Audiology Canada


Canada Post

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